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Seattle Direct Cremation Price Comparison
South King County & Seattle

Our direct cremation package includes transportation from a Medical Examiner's Office, Hospital or Nursing Home (King and Pierce Counties) to our facility, Monday to Friday 8:00 AM-5PM (Non holidays), cardboard cremation container, a plastic temporary urn to hold the ashes, release of ashes to family from our office, informing Social Security, securing a Veterans Burial Flag, securing of death certificates (county fees not included) for a person weighing under 250 lbs. Removal of medical implants, viewing services, Medical Examiner fees and taxes additional.

Washington Cremation Centers $490.00

Most funeral providers list below as of 11/1/2011 are not able to accept digital cremation
authorizations on their websites.

Neptune Society - Lynnwood, WA $1,599.00
Peoples Memorial Society - Seattle, WA $699.00
Mountain View Funeral Home - Lakewood, WA $1,488.00
Bonney Watson Funeral Home - Seattle, WA $2,245.00
Acacia Funeral Home - Seattle, WA $3,290.00
Bleitz Funeral Home - Seattle, WA $1,590.00
Barton Funeral Home - Seattle, WA $695.00
American Cremation and Casket - Seattle, WA $549.00
Personal Alternative Funeral Services - Kent, WA $690.00

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We've price shopped for you. You'll find our service professional and caring. We are proud to be one of the very few funeral providers who offer ONLINE arrangements. It wasn't easy; it took us awhile, to simplify making cremation arrangements in a step by step process. Our family's are able to digitally sign a cremation authorization form directly from our website. Our digital cremation authorization forms have been reviewed by the Washington State Department of Funeral Licensing.

Disclaimer: Prices are posted to assist families in making informed decisions. However,
periodically prices are changed by the funeral providers listed above. We make every effort
to ensure prices are current, but prices must be verified directly with the listed funeral
home. Prices of all funeral homes were secured June 5th, 2012 by phone or funeral homes